Handling Multiple WordPress Sites Through The Assistance Of Management Solutions

Managing Multiple WordPress Sites with Ease

When you are maintaining different WordPress sites, there are so many things to be done like moderating comments, approved posts from different users, assigning capabilities to users, updating plugins and many more. The tasks seem endless. However, the most complicated and time consuming tasks are to log-in and out from one website to another. It means that you will take time in putting the usernames and passwords to the respective sites.

These kinds of issues are already solved by the experts of WordPress as there are so many plugins that will help you in multiple WordPress sites management. Here are some of the best solutions that are available for you to grab online:

The practical CMS Commander: If you are to ask some online marketers who are using multilple sites management plugin, this one is has the most practical in terms of interface. Having installed this plugin, you can be able to see the WP websites that you manage in the Dashboard. Unlike other plugins, it is easy to see the site details as the dashboard displays the statistics overview. If you want to update everything, just press UPDATE ALL and the rest of the updates will be reflected to all the WP sites. Moreover, having affiliate networks will not give you trouble as it is easy to integrate them in this plugin.

Manage unlimited WP sites with WordPress Remote: If you want to manage unlimited number of WordPress sites for free, this WP Remote can be of great help. Aside from unlimited access, you can be able to download or backup the snapshot version of your site. When you get the premium, you will enjoy added features like automatic backup, record of the daily site activity, email notification on a daily basis, and many more.

The popular Manage WordPress: This plugin is one of the most well used multiple WP sites management tool. The reason why it is so popular is due to its intuitive feature. In short, it is easy to handle. There is no need for you to code or do some difficult scripts. You can start using this tool for free; however, adding more features means there is the need to upgrade to premium account.

If you think that managing different WP sites is already a handful, please make sure to check plugins that will help you with multiple WordPress sites management. For more information, please contact your nearest and friendly WordPress marketing consultant. Without a doubt you’re definitely interested in everything related to this topic. Large number of online articles cover this subject. With that being said, there are only few places where you can read about informational and valid material on this topic. You must check out https://www.odmsoft.com/plugins/manage-multiple-wordpress-sites-one-dashboard/ to strengthen your information in this subject.